Amazon Shopping Store for Smartphone and Accessories – Include 50,000 + Products


Build Professional shopping store for sell Smartphone and Accessories – Include 50,000 + Amazon Products – 100% automated.

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Package Includes:

  • We will build complete profession shopping store for sell smartphone and accessories.
  • We will add 50.000 Amazon Products.
  • We will lookup a good domain name and register it for free.
  • We will transfer all files, database to your host, server for free.

Build Professional Amazon Shopping for Smartphone and Accessories

Include 50,000 + Products.

Full E-commerce Website – 100% Automated

 SmartPhone and Accessories Website Preview

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How About Website We Will Build For You

About Website:

Website developed base on wordpress, ecommerce by Woocommerce. It is automatic completely and do not require maintain on it.

Website have over 50,000 + amazon products about smartphone and accessories. With 33 categories and 10650+ brands.

Website is a big shopping. It is selling smartphone of and accessories of popular bands like LG, Samsung, Apple, HTC …

Each category has panel allow you control update products for category. It allows you change source of amazon URL of category.

About Products:

Products of the website is fetched from amazon via api, all contents : text, photo of products will store to your website. It will help your website get high rank in google.

Because, Photo will store to your website so, google will trust more your website and not worry for de-index of your site in Google.

Website is automatic completely. It does not require your maintain. In fact, I suggest you just run website and don’t do anything on it. Just waiting for income.

This website is open website:

This is not fixed website. You can decide to sell or not sell these product or category on your products. You can choose product, category you want. You can add, remove, edit products or category on your website and rebuild this website to yours.

Please understand:

With this website, you are not only have a perfect website for make money. you will have chance for business online. You can choose product, category … buy products on your provider and add it to your website then resell it to your customer.

You can open company, open business with this website.

What does website can do?

Somebody ask me, How it can make money ? how long will have traffic to website? how long to website will get money? how much I earn with my website ?

For answer these question.

1. Website is Big Shopping Store:

First, website has over 50,000 products on website. With over 33 categories and 10.000+ brands. All products are smartphone and accessories. There are very hot products. Ex: iPhone, iPad, Samsung galaxy … there are a lot of people are looking for these products, looking for deals, information … You will get huge traffic to your website after google index your website.

Fast Index in Google:

Today, Google has changed a lot algorithms. Daily google spider visit from 15000-21000 times. Because, your website have huge contents. So, your website will get index quickly, maybe in next two week, your website will get 75000 index to 150,000 index. And after 25 days. This website will get over 200.000 index from Google.

With 200.000 index in google. Website can get 500 – 1000 visit per day. When your website have visits. Income will come.

How much you can make with this website?

I cannot tell you exactly number. How much you can make, it is dependent what method you use on this website after you buy it from me. But, I will show you bellow some results that I got when I run website.

1.  You can get  money by sell amazon products:

First stream for make money with this website is selling smartphone and accessories. But, Main product for sell on this website is smartphone accessories like: Case, batteries, Charger, Bluetooth …

With products already have on this website. When your website has 50 – 100 visitor per day, you can get 1-2 order per day from amazon. And after your website have 100 – 500 visit. You will get 4-8 order per day. If your visitor is seller, they will order with large amount products: 50 – 100 pcs. So, you can get 50 – 100 orders per day. (I already got 100 pcs with one product).

Amazon will pay you 5 – 8% commission for products you, you can get 100 – 500$ even 1200$ per month on this website.

With other website: I got 750$ monthly.

2. Google AdSense:

Please don’t ask me why you did not see google AdSense ads on this website.

This website I created for sell only. I don’t put google AdSense on this website. I want my client will put there google AdSense on their website.

OK. About Ads of Google AdSense.

First, All products on these website have high compete in Google AdWord. So, Google with pay you high amount for one click you got.

About How You Can Earn from Google AdSense:

It is dependent amount of traffic to your website. But you can make from 20 – 60$ per day with Google AdSense. (This amount I got on my website).

3.  Make Money From Install App On Your Website:

I know their many people will not believe how you can make money with this method.

But, I will show you how it works in bellow:

When visitor visit to your website, they not only use laptop or desktop to visit your website. They use smartphone and tablet. These visitor usually visit to your website and not buy products on your website. I know it because, I have tracking system on my site. So, I was control these visit and display app ads for them. When they visit website, Ad system will recommend them install a good android app or ios app. It dependent device visit used for visit to your website.

Each install for app, your ad provider will pay you from 0.5 – 1.7$ (low will easy) or higher.

If in one month, by this way. You can make 100 – 1000$ per month with install app only.

If you don’t know how to signup ad network, I will show you.

Other three method I suggest you here. You can use other method you have.

Full Ecommerce Website:

The different of our website other scripts is allow build business on your website. You can own ecommerce business. You can sell product directly or ship products to your customers. You can choose product on your website and set as you sell direct products.

When visit click to products on your website, if you don’t sell this products, it will redirect to amazon. If you sell products, it will add to cart on your website and checkout. Money will send direct to your PayPal …

Very Easy Import Products More Products to Your Website:

Website have control panel allow you import products from amazon easy, you just choose category. Enter keyword then import, it will find products on amazon and display for you. You can choose product you want for import to your website or click to import all.

About Update Products:

Website will auto update latest products from amazon. It update every hours. You can change update time in control panel. Or, change in update control panel of category.

More Website Feature, Please Visit:

With Our Service, Here is what you gets:

We are selling a Profession Website with Automatic Completely.

We are building website for sale only. we will sell website for who need it.

Fast delivery website:

All website will complete transfer your website in 24 – 48hours after you make order.

Resale Right:

With all website that we create for you. You can resell it on Flippa or anywhere for get profits from it.

You have 100% rights to resell this site, be careful who you buy from, many people will NOT let you

resell the site.


We will design logo to your website, just give us domain name and name of your website. We will design logo for it.

Domain name recommendation

We will find a great .com, net or org for your website.

Onsite SEO:

We will optimize your pages, posts and entire site to be something of beauty that will make the Google Monster Smile.

Free Submit:

We will create and submit your website to search engine: Google, MSN, … for free.

Social Network Integrate on your Website:

We will help you integrate social network on your website. It will help your website better in google rank, …

Ads/Offers Placed On Your Website:

Our website designed special for advertising. You can add ads/offers to your website easy, but. If you need us put your ads/offers on your website. We can help you put or custom your website or add new ads position on your website. For do that, just submit request to us, we will do it.

Unlimited update for current version of your website:

You website will automatic upload to latest version of our wordpress themes.

One-Year Support:

We will unlimited support your website in one year after we complete build it. You have free for request submit support to us anytime, anywhere.

Guarantee Complete Refund Your Money:

If we cannot delivery your website or you do not like our website that we build for you. We will refund all money to you.

What you need for your website

1. You need a hosting support PHP and MySQL Server:

  • Hosting Space: Min 500 MB
  • PHP version 5.4+ with cURL, ioncube enable.

If you do not have hosting, we will help you find a new hosting for this and help you install php, mysql, … or we will help you buy a vps from trust provider and install vps server for you.


  1. We will build the website to you.
  2. We will transfer website to your host for free.
  3. If you do not have domain, we will help you find a domain.
  4. We will support you one year, just submit a request. We will reply immediately.


Need more information, Please contact US:


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